About Ocean City

About Ocean City

Ocean City is most famous for its boardwalk, salt-water taffy, and its status as the White Marlin Capital of the World.

From humble beginnings as a quiet ocean getaway, the resort has now grown to a booming vacation destination with a year round population of just over 7,000 residents to a transient population of over 350,000 weekly during the summer season and 8 million visitors annually. During the summer, Ocean City becomes the second most populated municipality in Maryland, after Baltimore. The History of Ocean City is one of growth but also of small town roots and Eastern Shore culture.

Ocean City extends just more than 9 mi (14 km) from the southern inlet to the Delaware line. The strip now supports hotels, motels, apartment houses, shopping centers, residential communities, and condominiums. The southern tip houses the Ocean City Boardwalk. The boardwalk is the main shopping district and entertainment area of the town. The boardwalk has many prominent businesses including Trimper Rides, Fisher's Caramel Popcorn and Thrashers French Fries. Other notable boardwalk businesses are Marty's Playland, Dolle's Salt Water Taffy, Candy Kitchen, the Atlantic Stand, and Dumser's Dairyland. The downtown neighborhood, Old Town, is marked by Victorian style houses and other older buildings, many of which have been razed in recent years to construct more parking lots, hotels, and condos.

Ocean City has a long history of fishing, both commercial and recreational. The town bills itself as the "White Marlin Capital of the World." During the summer numerous charter and private boats fish for billfish, tuna, wahoo, and other game fish. In early August, one of the largest fishing tournaments in the world, the White Marlin Open, is held. Prize money for the largest White Marlin, Blue Marlin, and Tuna can range over 1 million dollars.

Living and working in Ocean City, Maryland by a Trimper's employee

When you think of OCMD, you think of the perfect getaway known for its boardwalk, sandy beaches, and of course crab...lots and lots of crab! With over 300,000 vacationers every summer, Ocean City has gone from your favorite spot when you were a kid to the perfect escape for all ages!

Living and working in this booming town is no exception. When this nostalgic vacation spot turns into your permanent home, life does a complete 180. Sadly, we are living in an extraordinary time period that nobody could have predicted.

Fortunately, moving to OCMD in the midst of a pandemic offers the perfect dose of vitamin sea needed to get you through these trying times.

Consistency is key when life seems to be the most uncertain. Some childhood favorites you can always rely on in Ocean City include Fisher's Popcorn, Dolle's Salt Water Taffy, Dumser's Dairyland and of course, Trimper’s Rides!

With over 8 million tourists and 350 businesses on this thriving boardwalk, there’s no question as to why the Eastern Shore is the best place to both vacation and make money!